Project Description

Church World Service (CWS) opened an office in Miami, Florida, in 1960 in response to the needs of refugees fleeing Cuba in the aftermath of the revolution. Since then, the office has responded to subsequent waves of Cubans, Haitians and other refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in South Florida by providing needed social and legal services – including, most recently, the U.S. government extending the opportunity to Haitians to apply for Temporary Protected Status following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to individuals (“DREAMers”) who are eligible under the program’s criteria.

Those services have touched literally hundreds of thousands of lives as CWS Miami has welcomed, fed, and clothed newcomers; reunited and strengthened families, and enabled clients to become self-sufficient and integrate into their new communities.

The team created posters, ads, collateral, and informational brochures.