Project Description


Since the financial crisis, there has been a widespread mistrust of the financial sector and skepticism around banking offers and deals.

Generation Z thinks in short term versus long term.


Gen Z cares about saving. It has to be approachable to them. Experiences are more valuable than assets. It has to show them immediate results/rewards.


Engage Generation Z in their own language and make them want to be involved with the brand through relatable messaging and products. That way when they are ready to open a savings account Chase will be top-of-mind.

Challenge Gen Z to live the story they want to tell.

By telling teens to be authentic and live who they are portraying social media, savings is a way they can be able to live the life they want to experience.


Executions will include print, tv, a contest, guerrila marketing, social media, and a mobile app.

TV spots will show young people taking crazy fakies in a humorous way. At the end, the message will be that with Chase you can finally live the story you want to tell.