Part-time Faculty





Robert T. Treadwell began teaching at the University of Miami’s School of Communication in 2016. Prior to that, he taught writing classes for Clayton State University and lectured on various writing-related topics at Oglethorpe University in Georgia. In addition to teaching, Treadwell has been active as a freelance writer and editor for nearly two decades and has worked for clients including CBS News, Marriott International, U.S. Airways, and the American Cancer Society. He also wrote a series of how-to articles for The Writer, America’s oldest and most respected writing magazine.
Whether he’s writing or teaching, Treadwell believes that the power to communicate well is a key factor in every individual’s path to career success and personal growth. He strives to teach not only the skill sets needed to communicate effectively, but also the purpose and philosophy behind those skills. Treadwell’s aim is to give his students a solid educational foundation, hone each one’s unique talents, and do everything possible to help them achieve their goals, both academic and work-related.