Listed below are the special topics courses offered fall 2015 for the School of Communication. Please consult CaneLink and the instructor of record for more information.

  1. UNICEF Project (JMM 592/692)
    Tu 2:00-4:40

  2. Digital Audio Storytelling (JMM 592/692)
    Th 8:00-10:40

  3. Sports Media (JMM 592/692)
    Tu,Th 11:00-12:15

  4. Conflict and Negotiation (COS 391)
    Th 5:00-7:30

  5. Comm. for Social Change (COS 391/JMM 592)
    Tu,Th 3:30-4:45

  6. Photo Manipulation for Ad (STC 490)
    F 10:10-1:10

  7. The PR Agency (STC 493)
    Tu,Th 6:25-7:40

  8. Business of TV (CIM 364)
    TuTh 9:30-10:45

    Got scripts? What next? Gain an understanding of the business to enter it successfully. Increase knowledge about how series are developed and deals are made. Learn about current trends in production and distribution.

  9. 360 degree Storytelling (CIM 594/795)
    W 9:30-noon

    Students enrolling in this class should be familiar with basic video editing.

  10. Foreign Aid Debt (CIM 594/795)
    W 3:00-5:30

    U.S. foreign aid policies for global health & humanitarian assistance considering international development & security: including analysis of online news media, expert interviews & class debate.

  11. Community Science: Autism (CIM 594/795 - BIL 267/675)
    W 3:30-6:00

    This course brings together student citizens in both science and communication to collaborate on the content intended to reach audiences on multiple platforms. Students will collaborate on both a public service announcement and a documentary project using audio, still photography, and video.

  12. Producing the Independent Film (CIM 795)
    M 6:25-9:05

  13. Computer Mediated Communication (COM 609)
    Th 5:00-7:30

  14. Applied Communication Research (COM 609)
    Th 8:00P-10:30P

  15. Communication Solutions Global Issues-Health and Environment (COM 609)
    Sa 9:00A-6:30P
    Sept. 12.,19, 26, Oct. 3, 17