• The understanding of physicians’ discrimination experiences, consumer interactions with chatbots, and the story of the first professional female broadcaster are just three of the nine School of Communication awards granted by the Research, Creative Support and Services Committee. These awards go into effect June 1, 2019. 


  • The University of Miami School of Communication is bidding its beloved dean farewell. Dr. Gregory J. Shepherd, the third dean of the School of Communication, is retiring after eight years of transformational leadership and more than 40 years of service as a distinguished faculty member and administrator at several major universities.


  • Tianyi Xu traveled across the globe to exercise her passion for meaningful research. She found her perfect fit at the University of Miami School of Communication.

    Now completing her last semester, graduation marks the next step in advancing her passion for family and computer-mediated communication research.

    Xu’s interest in bettering communication within families undergoing difficult circumstances grew from personal experience.


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