Scholars: Insurrection Hearings Supply Epic Storytelling, No Clear Ending

By Michael R. Malone The Jan. 6 hearings investigating the facts and causes of the domestic terrorism attack on the U.S. Capitol are a colossal storytelling feat with a myriad of possible outcomes, according to communications and constitutional law specialists at the University of Miami. Sam Terilli, associate professor and chair of the Department of Journalism and Media Management at the University of Miami School of Communication, and Frances Hill, professor in the School of Law and Dean’s Distinguished Scholar for the Profession, examined the parameters of the House Select [...]

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University of Miami Debate Team Wins Second ACC Championship

By Barbara Gutierrez Delphine Djomo and Iman Sami made up the team that defeated Wake Forest University in a virtual debate, bringing the trophy to Coral Gables. Besides winning the top spot as a duo, Djomo and Sami were each recognized as the top two individual debaters of the competition. For more than a year, University of Miami debaters Delphine Djomo and Iman Sami spent hours researching journals, scholarly magazines, and reams of documents to master topics for their upcoming debates. Inside the School of Communication debate room, they often [...]

New Class Explores Learning in the Metaverse

By Janette Neuwahl Tannen Students and faculty members discover some of the possibilities for the future of education through the University’s first course conducted in virtual reality. When Emily Nunes arrived in class recently, she found herself in a serene, outdoor arena near the ocean. Triangular transparent panels formed a roof over her, as Nunes stood in a manicured courtyard facing a large revolving Buddha statue. Contemplative flute music played in the background, as her classmates placed candles around the statue. The teaching assistant floated around the arena, guiding a [...]

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Entertainment Law is in the Future for this Graduate

By Barbara Gutierrez Amanda Carballo helped produce an award-winning film during her undergraduate years at the University of Miami. Now she plans to earn a law degree to represent artists in the entertainment industry. Amanda Carballo did not think she wanted to come to the University of Miami. The 22-year-old had lived all her life in Miami, and she thought that going away made the most sense. When the acceptance letter arrived, however, she could not say no. “I am so glad I did accept,” she said. “Now I look [...]

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Q&A Session About ‘Second Life’ and the Metaverse

By Ally Polner On April 11, Wagner James Au, the author of The Making of Second Life (available in the Richter Library) and The Metaverse Blog New World Notes ( responded to questions about Second Life and the metaverse from members of the Media Management Association. Below is a summary of these conversation exchanges, with slight editing for clarity. For recall, Second Life was created by Linden Lab in 2003 (nearly 20 years ago) and is described as an online community of avatars--a second life for its residents. Your book, [...]

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School of Communication to Offer Graduate Student Opportunity Awards

The School of Communication is delighted to announce the Graduate Student Opportunity Awards, which are intended to benefit historically underserved or underrepresented populations. This new funding, which is available to students applying to SoC graduate programs for fall 2022, is intended to support the University of Miami's diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Each award consists of 50% tuition remission per year (toward a maximum of 12 credits per year), allowing the recipient to complete their program at a significantly reduced tuition cost. Dr. Christina Lane, associate dean of Graduate Studies, [...]

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Duo Places Among Top 10 in Debate Competition

By Barbara Gutierrez Students Iman Sami and Delphine Djomo represented the University of Miami in the Social Justice Debates, held at Morehouse College in Atlanta, that centered on the merits of desegregating schools. At a time in which social justice issues are being discussed in many spheres of our society, two University of Miami students have distinguished themselves by placing in the top 10 on a debate devoted to an applicable topic. Iman Sami and Delphine Djomo, students on the University debate team, represented the University of Miami in the [...]

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Gen Z Students Give Tips on How to Engage Their Peers

By Barbara Gutierrez Members of Orange Umbrella, the student-run communication consultancy at the University of Miami, recently offered their advice to local communication leaders at a major conference on marketing to their counterparts. Do you want to successfully market to Generation Z? Make sure you are transparent in your approach to marketing and sales and make sure that you use short, snappy videos in your advertising. These were some of the tips members of the University of Miami School of Communication’s Orange Umbrella offered participants at the “Borrell Miami 2022 [...]

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Russia ‘Using Lies and Propaganda as its Main Weapons’

By Barbara Gutierrez All independent media and social media platforms have been banned from Russia to keep residents tuned in solely to state-owned and controlled news outlets. While Russia continued bombing different sites in Ukraine, Russian president Vladimir Putin addressed a large crowd at a pro-war concert in Moscow recently and told the participants that the military actions were necessary to prevent a genocide against Russian citizens. The event shows that the Russian propaganda machine is hard at work. The country is leading a campaign of disinformation and repression, according [...]

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What Matters to U Graphic Designer Reflects on Switching Major

By: Bianca De Paz What Matters to U Graphic Designer and graduating senior James Coccaro reflects on taking a leap of faith in his sophomore year after switching his major from pre-med to creative advertising. He decided to take a different approach and take several career quizzes that he came across online with results related to either graphic design or advertising, which stimulated his interest in wanting to learn more about the creative field. “Once I began taking a few intro to graphic design and advertising courses, I ended up [...]

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