Film ‘Aguadilla’ Depicts Migrants’ Tumultuous Journeys to Puerto Rico

By Caroline Val Professor Tom Musca and a crew of School of Communication students and alumni spent the summer producing a feature-length film inspired by the stories of Dominican immigrants who flee to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, seeking better opportunities. As Tom Musca sat on the balcony of a longtime friend’s home, with the town of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in the distance, he suddenly noticed a rustling in the trees beneath them. When he inquired about the commotion to his friend Noel Quiñones, a pilot and film colleague, the gentleman coolly [...]

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A New Era of Entertainment and Education is Coming to the Bill Cosford Cinema

By Karina Valdes The Bill Cosford Cinema is getting a much-deserved facelift after serving the Coral Gables community for almost two decades. Two grants from the Knight Foundation have been directed toward upgrading the cinema’s screening systems, revitalizing its programming, and developing structural plans for a complete redesign of the space. “Our Cosford Cinema remains a treasure, leveraging the talent within our school in collaboration with community partners and friends. The generous support offered by the Knight Foundation allows us to shine brighter by providing critical enhancements to our digital [...]

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Reflections on My 2023 Summer Internship in NYC

By Darby Steininger Darby Steininger is a University of Miami junior majoring in Media Management with a minor in Broadcast Journalism. She agreed to share her experience as a summer intern in 2023. From June 6 to July 16, I worked as a paid intern in the global marketing department of Peter Thomas Roth, a skincare company located in New York City. The work schedule was hybrid, with two to three days in the office and two to three days online. The head of global marketing supervised four other interns [...]

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Alumnus Sketched and Fulfilled His Dream Job

By Brandi Troup From Florida and the University of Miami to California, Dustin Romero brought his artistic talents, ambitions, and dreams with him. And now he is a character layout artist for “The Simpsons.” A proud alumnus of the University of Miami, Dustin Romero is a character layout artist for the longstanding show “The Simpsons.” Though his path to California hasn’t been linear, working in the realm of art was Romero’s fate. “I would draw all the time,” he said. “My mother used to joke that I was born with [...]

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UMTV Alumnus Catalyzes Change Through Storytelling

Julian Glover, B.S.C. ’13, talks about his journalism journey, the transformative power of storytelling, and promoting meaningful change through impactful media. By Benjamin Estrada Julian Glover, B.S.C. ’13, credits his early experiences exploring the field of communications in middle school as a significant contributor to his journey toward becoming an award-winning journalist. His innate gift for communication was evident from his early days as a chatty, inquisitive student in the classroom. Little did he know that his natural gift of gab would later transform into a powerful tool to bring [...]

Are You Sick of Bad News?

By Barbara Gutierrez Studies show that consumers are reading and watching less local and national news. In many cases, it is for mental health reasons. If you have been experiencing stress because of the state of the world—a pandemic, political strife, killings, and extreme weather conditions—you are not alone. For many, news can be toxic, and its intensity can promote helplessness and exhaustion, experts report. A 2022 Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report on consumers in the United States said that while the majority of people surveyed consume [...]

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Game Hopes to Tackle Tough Talks and Tout Tolerance

By Janette Neuwahl Tannen A new video game crafted by students and faculty members at the University of Miami delves into difficult conversations about identity and discrimination to illustrate more accepting responses. Throughout her educational experiences, University of Miami alumna Phidela Cheng often felt that some of her classmates could not look beyond her Asian heritage. There were jokes about the shape of her eyes, what her family ate for dinner, and insinuations that her ancestors created the COVID-19 virus. Fabrizio Darby, an alumnus who hails from Jamaica, will never [...]

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VR Offers Teens a Glimpse into the Future of Coastal Cities

By Janette Neuwahl Tannen Created by an interdisciplinary team at the University of Miami, the Mangrove City app aims to give students an up-close lesson about the importance of ecosystems. With sea levels rising at increasing rates worldwide, University of Miami interactive media professor, Kim Grinfeder, wondered: could he create a virtual experience that teaches students how they might navigate a coastal city like Miami 100 years from now?About two years ago, he formed a small interdisciplinary group of students and faculty and staff members with expertise in virtual reality, [...]

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