Journalism Practicum

Prescribed study and supervised work with faculty and staff of the student news paper or related news media. Students receive first-hand knowledge and experien ce in a working news environment.

Legal Aspects of Motion Pictures

The law, contracts, and negotiating techniques of the business affairs aspect o f the production of motion pictures.

Legal Aspects of Motion Pictures

The law, contracts, and negotiating techniques of the business affairs aspects of the production of motion pictures.

Legal Issues in Media Management

Examination of the legal environment affecting contemporary media businesses including broadcasting, advertising, public relations, web-based media, and print publications. Focus on U.S. law, with introduction of international and comparative perspectives.

Long-Form Public Affairs Programming

Development and production of longer form news, information magazine, and documentary style programming.

Media Buying and Advertising Sales

Students will learn the art of buying media in all categories, as well as how t o sell advertising space in these media.

Media Distribution for Film and Television

This course covers the various aspects of the distribution process for films and television programs through conventional and emerging channels.

Media Economics

Economic concepts, practices, and issues as they relate to the mass media industry.

Media Entrepreneurship

Students generate comprehensive business plans for a proposed media enterprise. Organizational, financial, and marketing aspects of starting a media business are discussed.

Media Planning

An introduction to the principles and concepts of advertising media planning including media selection, media plan development, forecasting, and budgeting.

Media Programming

Course covers categories and sources for selecting program materials used in radio, television, cable television, and other program services. Strategies employed in devising program schedules and understanding audience behaviors are also covered.

Media Relations

The practice of media relations within the public relations milieu.

Media Research and Analysis

Survey of qualitative and quantitative research methods used to collect and analyze data on media audiences. Course also covers metrics used by media industries. Practice in conducting small-scale audience measurement is included.

Media Sales

Operation of sales departments within media outlets. Course includes the preparation and delivery of sales presentations as well as the use of audience reports.

Media Technology

This course examines the deployment, use, and impact of communication technologies in various media contexts from an economic, regulatory, and social perspective.

Motion Graphics and Compositing

Methods, techniques and aesthetics of 2D computer animation and compositing including animated text, title design and green screen.

Motion Graphics, Compositing and Animation

This course is an introduction to 2D animation, motion graphics and compositing techniques. All essential technical and aesthetic possibilities are explored i n a series of projects. All projects are designed to provide the student with a thorough grounding in contemporary professional practices.

Motion Picture Internship

Prescribed study and supervised work with practitioners in motion pictures.

Motion Picture Marketing and Distribution

Economic and markeitng considerations in the production and distribution of mot ion pictures.

Motion Picture Practicum

The theory and practice of motion pictures production from script to screen. Lecture and laboratory. Students will develop and produce a narrative, a documentary, or an experimental work of their choice.
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