AAF National Student Advertising Campaign Competition

Students compete in the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Campaign Competition.

Acting for Camera

Dramatic performance techniques for television and motion pictures. Lecture and laboratory are included.

Action Research in Communication

This is a course that will introduce the student to Action Research, with application to communication questions in a variety of settings.

Advanced Broadcast Journalism

This capstone course concentrates on gathering and preparing news stories for presentation in news programs. Includes field reporting, editing, preparation o f visual and aural TV elements, writing, producing and performing for on-air presentation. Lecture and laboratory are included.

Advanced Cinematography

Advanced work with camera, lighting, and grip equipment on exercises and projects.

Advanced Copywriting

Advanced course in conceptualizing and copywriting advertising campaigns for all media forms, including traditional, digital, social, web, and mobile.

Advanced Creative Development

This course will provide an advanced creative experience, bringing together art directors and copywriters in multi-media campaign development. Students will create work to be submitted to industry-level awards shows

Advanced Documentary Photography

Advanced Documentary Photography is a class designed to improve the visual storytelling news gathering, and photographic technical skills introduced in the introductory course.

Advanced Editing

Advanced concepts in aesthetics and theories of picture and sound editing, mixing, color correction, and finishing techniques.

Advanced Electronic Media Production

The integration of the producer's role and the structure of program design as they relate to day-to-day production operations. Lecture and laboratory are included.

Advanced Film Production

Advanced Motion Graphics, Compositing, and Animation

This is an advanced animation, compositing, and motion graphics workshop in which students will design a three to five minute production from script to final product.

Advanced Motion Picture Practicum II

The theory and practice of motion picture production from script to screen. Lecture and laboratory. Students will develop and produce one of the following: a narrative, a documentary or an experimental work of their choice. Students may also complete work begun in CMP 451 with the approval of the instructor.

Advanced Research Methods in Communication

Advanced Research Methods in Communication is designed to provide students with continued instruction in research methods beyond the introductory quantitative course. Special attention is paid to (a) measurement problems, (b) complex research designs, and (c) statistical analysis of data.

Advanced Screenwriting

A continuation of CMP 326. Study of, and practice in, writing feature length, narrative motion picture scripts. Attention is given to cinematic structure, t he development of character, and its presentation on screen. Emphasis is placed on bringing the script to a completed draft.

Advanced Scriptwriting

A continuation of CMP 227. Study of and practice in writing feature length, narrative motion picture scripts. Attention to cinematic structure and the development of character and its presentation on screen. Emphasis on bringing the script to a completed draft. Prerequisite: CMP 227.

Advanced Scriptwriting

Advanced Television Writing

This course explores how to create, format, and write the original Television Pilot and treatment. The class will cover TV pilot format, length, structure as well as techniques in creating TV characters and situations for both comedy and dramatic episodic TV.

Advertising Campaigns

Capstone course in which students develop a full-scale advertising campaign. Students are responsible for conducting secondary and primary research, strategic planning, development of creative executions, planning and executing media selections, and campaign evaluation.

Advertising Copywriting and Concept

Introduction to writing advertising copy and conceptualizing campaign ideas for print, broadcast, out-of-home, interactive, and specialty media.


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