Theories of Communication

Comparison of theories dealing with the processes and effects of communication is discussed.

Methods of Communication Research

A comprehensive survey of communication research methods. Qualitative and quantitative approaches will be explained and practiced.

Qualitative Research Methodologies

Research methods and theories for participant-observation, phenomenology, symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, content analysis, and historical-critical interpretation.

Social Effects of Mass Communication

Roles, functions, and consequences of mass communication in American society.

Sports, Publicity, and Promotions

This course will provide a review, examination and practical application of sports communications, publicity and promotions in strategic communications.

Public Relations Experience Program (PREP)

Develop skills used by professionals in the public relations/media relations, communications, promotions/marketing and journalism professions through faculty-supervised hands-on experience in the "field" with real organizations.

International Public Relations

History, theory, and practice of public relations in a global, multicultural environment.

Public Relations Management

Principles and practice of public relations management in a variety of contexts including agency, consultancy, corporate, and nonprofit.

Advanced Projects and Directed Research in Public Relations

Individual study. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits.

Design Tactics for Public Relations

An introduction to design principles and tactics used in the creation of public relations messages and campaigns.

Public Relations Internship

Prescribed study and supervised work with practitioners in public relations.

Crisis Communication and Management

This course introduces the student to crisis communication and management from a strategies, theory-based approach steeped in case research from historical cases and business case studies

Media Relations

The practice of media relations within the public relations milieu.

Religion, Communication, and Culture

A seminar to examine the role of public relations in American political campaigns.

Public Relations Fundamentals

A seminar to explore the theories and methodologies of public relations encompassing writing, principles and campaigns.

Writing for Public Relations

Principles and techniques for the development of strategic thinking, information-gathering, and writing public relations messages across traditional, digital, social and web-based media.

Cases in Public Relations Administration

Course analyzes organizational principles, internal budgeting, and evaluation of public relations departments and counseling firms.

Seminar in Public Relations and Political Campaigns

A seminar to examine the role of public relations in American political campaigns.

Non-Profit and Public Information Campaigns

A public seminar that focuses on non-profit organizations and governmental institutions.

Seminar in Public Relations Measurement

This course will delve into the measures, mechanisms, and necessary considerations for measuring public relations effectiveness and evaluating the impact of public relations efforts.

Seminar in Public Relations Ethics

To explore through readings, discussion and research contemporary ethical issue s in public relations.

Strategic Communication in Health Care

An examination of health industry communication from business and promotional perspectives, including the special issues that have an impact on health communicators. Best practices and case studies from notable practitioners are used; strategic communication plan development, writing and presentation are emphasized.

Corporate Communication and Public Relations

This course monitors the sociopolitical environment of organizations, explores managing corporate crises and confrontations, analyzes issues, formulates organizational and political strategies, develops programs of advocacy communication and explores constituency communications and public involvement.

Public Relations Practicum

Professional functions related to public relations requirements in a professional environment acting as an account executive.