Graphic Design for Strategic Communication

An introduction to the art of visual communication as it relates to advertising design. Students will learn how to use Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign as tools for applying basic graphic design techniques used in print and outdoor media. Topics include typography, design principles, art & image manipulation, conceptualization and layout stages, color theory and color reproduction, printing processes, and production.

Writing for the Digital Age

This course provides students with an understanding of writing styles appropriate for communicating in the digital age, with particular emphasis on grammar, spelling, syntax and clarity. It provides a solid foundation for further practice and specialization in various types of multimedia communication.

Freedom of Expression and Communication Ethics

An examination of the concept of freedom of expression, its philosophical roots, its application of contemporary issues in communication, and of the basics of moral philosophy (ethics) and moral reasoning.

Graphic Design for Public Relations

Graphic design tactics for public relations. Students learn design techniques and software application for newsletter and brochure design, media kit design, PSA design, and other forms of communication used in the execution of public relations strategies.

Principles of Public Relations

History, organization, ethics, law, and practice of public relations.

Public Relations Strategy Development

This course introduces students to research-based strategy development and planning at the core of public relations practice.

Public Relations Research

Public relations research techniques focusing on applications of strategic planning, message evaluation, opinion research, and theory testing of public relations programs. Emphasis on qualitative and quantitative methods and data analysis.

Public Relations Campaign

The capstone course for seniors in their last year of study. Theory and principles, audience research, strategic planning, and targeted communication are applied in developing a campaign to influence attitudes and behavior on behalf of a real client. A written plan, professional presentation, and teamwork are emphasized.

Special Topics in Public Relations

This course subject matter varies according to announced special topic. See class schedule for details.

Projects and Directed Research in Public Relations

Individual study. No more than three credits may be counted toward a Communication major or minor.

Public Relations Experience Program (PREP)

Develop skills used by professionals in the public relations/media relations, communications, promotions/marketing and journalism professions through faculty-supervised hands-on experience in the "field" with real organizations.

Public Relations Management

Principles and practice of public relations management in a variety of contexts including agency, consultancy, corporate, and nonprofit.

Statistical Reasoning for Strategic Communication

An introduction to statistical reasoning for advertising and public relations.

Writing for Public Relations

Principles and techniques for the development of strategic thinking, information-gathering, and writing public relations messages across traditional, digital, social and web-based media.

Travel and Tourism

Development of tourism and destination promotion strategies and initiatives. Overview of public relations account structures within the tourism industries of airlines, travel destinations, hotels, and others.

Public Relations Message Development and Execution

Preparation, execution, and production of visual messages for public relations media.

Public Relations Internship

Students select an internship in the field of public relations for on-the-job training. The student will work a minimum of 45 hours per credit. No more than three (3) credits of internship may be completed in any given semester.

Public Opinion and Mass Communication

An exploration of the formation and role of public opinion in mass communication with an emphasis on its role in public relations. Theories of public opinion in American culture and their application in attitude formation and research methodologies will be examined.

Public Relations Ethics

Ethical concepts and issues pertaining to individuals and society with application to advertising and public relations. Case studies focus on professional and personal ethics based on traditional teaching, modern codes, and other guidelines.

Public Relations Practicum

Students will work in the public relations field for on-the-job training. Students must work a minimum of 45 hours per credit earned.

Social Media Strategies

Focuses on the use and application of various social media platforms in the development of effective strategic communication campaigns.

Crisis Communication and Management

This course introduces the student to crisis communication and management from a strategies, theory-based approach steeped in case research from historical cases and business case studies.

Media Relations

The practice of media relations within the public relations milieu.

Religion, Communication, and Culture

A seminar to examine the role of public relations in American political campaigns.