Science Writing


Study of and practice in writing feature-length, narrative motion picture scripts. Focus is placed on cinematic structure and presentation of character.

Scriptwriting for Motion Pictures

Seminar In Documentary Film History: Cinema-Verite

Seminar in Documentary Production

Seminar in Editing and Design for Print and Websites

Theory and practice in news media copy editing, layout, and design.

Seminar in Interpersonal Communication

This course focuses on theoretical approaches to interpersonal communication. Emphasis is placed on current research including fundamentals of relationships, developmental issues, interaction management, and interpersonal competence.

Seminar in News Ethics and Problems

Ethical, practical, and professional problems of news communicators in society.

Seminar in Organizational Communication

This course explores theoretical perspectives and the impact of communication in organizations. Critical analysis includes management styles, decision-making, group interaction, conflict resolution, and diffusion of innovations.

Seminar in Persuasive Communication

This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the role of communication in the persuasion process. This will be achieved by exploring historical and contemporary theories of persuasion as well as examining research that has focused on persuasion.

Seminar in Public Relations and Political Campaigns

A seminar to examine the role of public relations in American political campaigns.

Seminar in Public Relations Ethics

To explore through readings, discussion and research contemporary ethical issue s in public relations.

Seminar in Public Relations Measurement

This course will delve into the measures, mechanisms, and necessary considerations for measuring public relations effectiveness and evaluating the impact of public relations efforts.

Seminar in Visual Storytelling

An advanced seminar class designed to enhance the knowledge and practice of the visual storytelling narrative. This seminar stresses the importance of converging media, still images, video, and sound. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the creation of a multimedia portfolio.

Social Effects of Mass Communication

Roles, functions, and consequences of mass communication in American society.

Social Effects of Mass Communication

Roles, functions, and consequences of mass communication in American society.

Social Impact Games

In this course students will explore the use of games as a communication tool for social good and will create their own game-based interventions. As humans we have a natural desire and need to play. Historically, play and games have been perceived as trivial, but there is a growing body of creative work and research proving that games can make the world better. Specifically, games are an excellent medium for advocacy and awareness because they are inherently systems that also provide meaningful situated learning.

Social Media for Journalists

Examination of best practices for use of social media for gathering, disseminating and promoting news.

Sound Design

Sound Design through seminar and workshop provides a practical and theoretical introduction to sound and its function in the narrative moving image process. The course utilizes professional environments to instruct in the basics of sound editing, studio recording and mixing as it is practiced in the film industry. It will also present the aesthetic use of sound and its integral part in the moving image narrative process.

Special Topics (Social Change Communication Theory)

This course subject matter varies according to announced special topic. See class schedule for details.
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