Methods of Communication Research

A comprehensive survey of communication research methods. Qualitative and quantitative approaches will be explained and practiced.

MFA Project - Screenwriting

The writing and re-writing of a full-length narrative film screenplay. Course may be repeated to a maximum of six credits.

MFA Thesis

Mobile Application Development

The rapid global growth and evolution of smartphones, tablets, mobile computing and applications are impacting virtually all aspects of societies, economies and the media, requiring new leadership and expertise in these areas. This introductory course gives communication students valuable understanding and experience designing, developing and distributing a mobile application of their choosing as their course end product. Students can target any mobile platform and distribution system, including Apple’s iOS and App Store, or Android Apps on Google Play, for example.

Motion Graphics and Compositing

Methods, techniques and aesthetics of 2D computer animation and compositing including animated text, title design and green screen.

Motion Picture Internship

Motion Picture Marketing and Distribution

Economic and marketing considerations in the production and distribution of motion pictures.

Motion Picture Post-Production Procedures

An examination of the esthetics of editing, recording, re-recording, and laboratory procedures following completion of principal photography.

Motion Picture Workshop I

A course designed to provide an understanding and appreciation of the technical, aesthetic, and theoretical aspects of filmmaking. The use of lectures, laboratory, and demonstration to develop an awareness of the nature of film production is included.

Narrative Production

An introduction to film and digital production techniques on narrative projects. Emphasis on collaboration, group process and social purpose. Students will be expected to produce a short film abroad as part of this course.

National Cinemas

Selected films from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America will be studied in relation to their diverse social/political and cultural contexts.

News Technologies

This course emphasizes how television, digital, and multimedia technologies con tribute to the storytelling process. Understanding of production theories and news processes will be gained through hands on work with television and multimedia projects.

Newspaper Management Cases

Newswriting and Reporting Seminar

Development of newswriting and reporting skills for news media.

Non-Profit and Public Information Campaigns

A public seminar that focuses on non-profit organizations and governmental institutions.

Nonfiction Film

An examination of American and world nonfiction films.

Online Journalism (in Spanish)

This course should help journalism students develop the necessary skills to work online, including posting breaking news, writing for the Web, gathering and uploading multimedia contend and creating/writing blogs. This course is taught i n Spanish.

Online Screenwriting

The student will prepare and complete the first act of a feature-length screenp lay or the student will prepare and commence the rewrite of an existing screenp lay.

Organizational Communication Audit Procedures

Measurement of communication variables in the modern business organization: mes sage diffusion analysis; cross-section survey analysis; communication network analysis; and communication audit procedures. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Pedagogy and Film

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