Analysis of the Screenplay

An examination of the narrative structure and character development of selected screenplays. Focus is placed on the screenplay's contribution to both the finished film and the process employed to arrive at the finished film.

Aspects of Contemporary Cinema

The study of the ways in which film communicates. Intensive analysis and criticism of cinematic techniques exemplified through particular films.

Audio Production Techniques

Writing, preparation, and production of material for auditory presentation, live or recorded, broadcast on open or closed circuit radio systems. Familiarization with magnetic and optical recording procedures, both double and single system sound, in television and motion picture production is discussed. Lecture an d laboratory are included.

Audiovisual Production

A lab/lecture course focusing on the concepts of visual strorytelling and on the skills needed to gather information in the visual storytelling process. Students work in teams with still photography, video and audio-gathering devices to document community life.

Broadcast Journalism

Advanced instruction in techniques of news writing and field reporting, includi ng conducting research for stories, preparing complete field packages for newsc asts, filing live remotes, and conducting interviews.

Building Interfaces

This course covers the production concepts and techniques to design and develop dynamic graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for web applications. Students will develop competency with several key technologies used in web development and providing them with the skills and principles needed to make effective use of these technologies.

Capstone Project

After completing all course requirements students will be required to do a project. The capstone project course is designed to help and guide students with their final project and is structured as a series of critique and presentation sessions in which individual final projects are discussed. Capstone projects may be done collaboratively with prior approval of the Program Chair. Both the project and the supporting documentation must be submitted for archiving as directed by the instructor. Oral presentation of the final project is required.

Cases in Public Relations Administration

Course analyzes organizational principles, internal budgeting, and evaluation of public relations departments and counseling firms.

Character and Dialogue

An examination of the craft and techniques of creating original characters and dialogue.


This hands-on course provides students with the aesthetic and technical aspects of professional concepts and techniques in film and digital media cinematography.


Aesthetic and technical aspects of motion picture photography including color, black and white, silent, and synchronous sound techniques.


CoLab is designed to provide students the opportunity to work with experts across disciplines and industries. This course is designed as a unique collaboration between the University, nonprofits and/or private sector companies to address complex socio-technical issues that currently challenge businesses today.

Communication Research Methods and Analyses

Introduction to communication research methods. Application of quantitative measurement techniques and statistical analyses will be discussed as well as the use of microcomputer statistical programs.

Communication Studies Practicum

Prescribed graduate study and supervised work with practitioners in organizations.

Communication Studies Practicum

Prescribed graduate study and supervised work with practitioners in organizations.

Comparative Media Systems

This course deals with issues in international news gathering and distribution, giving special attention to Latin America and the Caribbean. The class takes a comparative approach, looking at media systems in the United States and other nations.

Computer-Assisted Reporting

Use of computer applications for newsgathering with emphasis on the World Wide Web, commercial online services, and database tools.

Corporate Communication and Public Relations

This course monitors the sociopolitical environment of organizations, explores managing corporate crises and confrontations, analyzes issues, formulates organizational and political strategies, develops programs of advocacy communication and explores constituency communications and public involvement.

Crisis Communication and Management

This course introduces the student to crisis communication and management from a strategies, theory-based approach steeped in case research from historical cases and business case studies

Database Journalism

This course teaches data analysis and interactive deployment of data of the World Wide Web and other digital platforms.
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