AAF National Student Advertising Campaign Competition

Students compete in the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Campaign Competition.

Advanced Copywriting

Advanced course in conceptualizing and copywriting advertising campaigns for all media forms, including traditional, digital, social, web, and mobile.

Advanced Creative Development

This course will provide an advanced creative experience, bringing together art directors and copywriters in multi-media campaign development. Students will create work to be submitted to industry-level awards shows

Advertising Campaigns

Capstone course in which students develop a full-scale advertising campaign. Students are responsible for conducting secondary and primary research, strategic planning, development of creative executions, planning and executing media selections, and campaign evaluation.

Advertising Copywriting and Concept

Introduction to writing advertising copy and conceptualizing campaign ideas for print, broadcast, out-of-home, interactive, and specialty media.

Advertising Creative Strategy and Execution

Development of effective creative campaigns. Students will design advertisement s for print, broadcast, interactive, and specialty media that meet specific campaign objectives.

Advertising Internship

Students select an internship in the field of advertising for on-the-job training. The student will work a minimum of 45 hours per credit. No more than three (3) credits of internship may be completed in any given semester.

Advertising Management

Students will learn to approach advertising problems at both micro and macro le vels from the perspective of a manager in charge of solving such problems. Emp hasis will be on problem identification, development of alternative strategies to solve problems, tactics for executing strategies, and evaluation of proposed solutions.

Advertising Strategy Development

Introduction to the development of effective advertising strategies. Topics in clude consumer behavior, attitude development, persuasion tactics, targeting, m arket segmentation, market analysis, and brand management.

Art Direction

Students will learn art direction skills for both print and electronic media in cluding newspapers, magazines, outdoor, television, radio, and the internet.

Digital, Mobile, and Web Media Evaluation

Focus on the evaluation of digital, mobile, and web-based advertising as part of integrated advertising media plans. Topics include audience estimation, cost-gathering, and evaluation of potential effectiveness.

Freedom of Expression and Communication Ethics

An examination of the concept of freedom of expression, its philosophical roots, its application of contemporary issues in communication, and of the basics of moral philosophy (ethics) and moral reasoning.

Graphic Design for Advertising I

An introduction to the art of visual communication as it relates to advertising design. Students will learn how to use Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign as tools for applying basic graphic design techniques used in print and outdoor media. Topics include typography, design principles, art & image manipulation, conceptualization and layout stages, color theory and color reproduction, printing processes, and production.

Graphic Design for Advertising II

This course will delve more deeply into the concepts of graphic design as they relate to the field of advertising. More specifically, this course will touch upon the use of art, illustration, and photography in advertising design. Topics also will include digital imaging, production, and web publishing. Students will learn to use Adobe Illustrator as a tool for designing in both traditional and non-traditional media. This course serves as a foundation for advertising portfolio development.

Integrated Marketing Communication

An exploration of how brands are built and promoted through the integration of advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, and e-commerce.

Interactive, Digital, and Social Media in Advertising

The course will explore the use of new and evolving media in the development of effective advertising campaigns, as well as the impact of these media on the advertising industry.

International and Cross-cultural Advertising

This course will explore advertising in a global marketplace. Emphasis will be placed on understanding cultural differences as they relate to international advertising planning, as well as techniques for gathering secondary and primary data on international markets and consumers.

Media Buying and Advertising Sales

Students will learn the art of buying media in all categories, as well as how t o sell advertising space in these media.

Media Planning

An introduction to the principles and concepts of advertising media planning including media selection, media plan development, forecasting, and budgeting.

Portfolio Development

This course will assist students in putting together a professional-quality adv ertising portfolio of their work.

Practicum in Advertising

Students will work in the advertising field for advanced on-the-job training in their specific area of advertising specialization.

Principles of Advertising

An introduction to the principles and practice of advertising in a free-market economy. Students will be introduced to several areas of advertising including account planning, creative strategy, media planning, research methods, consumer behavior, and integrated marketing. Emphasis on cultural, social, ethical, and regulatory aspects of advertising.

Projects and Directed Research in Advertising

Individual study.

Public Opinion and Mass Communication

An exploration of the formation and role of public opinion in mass communication. Emphasis is placed on its role in advertising and promotion. Topics include the evolution and history of public opinion in American culture, the application of public opinion on attitude formation and persuasion, measurement of public opinion, and propaganda.

Research Methods for Advertising

An introduction to the principles and concepts of advertising media planning including media selection, media plan development, forecasting, and budgeting.

Seminar in Advertising and Society

This course will examine the ethical, persuasive, cultural, societal, and economic effects of advertising, focusing on the theoretical frameworks that explain how advertising works in these arenas.

Social Media Strategies

Focuses on the use and application of various social media platforms in the development of effective strategic communication campaigns.

Special Topics in Advertising

This course subject matter varies according to announced special topic. See class schedule for details.

Statistical Reasoning for Strategic Communication

An introduction to statistical reasoning for advertising and public relations.

The Business of Account Management

This course will to lead to a stronger understanding of the role of account management in marketing communication and advertising agencies. Topics will include advertising agency management, client services, and financial planning within the agency.

Writing for Account Management

Introduction to writing for the business side of advertising. This course will prepare students to write and create comprehensive reports and prepare present ations related to the business of account planning including research, creative strategies, and media planning.

Writing for the Digital Age

This course provides students with an understanding of writing styles appropriate for communicating in the digital age, with particular emphasis on grammar, spelling, syntax and clarity. It provides a solid foundation for further practice and specialization in various types of multimedia communication.