Generally, most academic coursework that is acceptable towards an Associate of Arts degree will transfer, provided a grade of “C” or higher is achieved in the courses.

Any credits earned in physical education, technical as well as vocational courses, remedial or college preparatory work will not transfer. Please contact the Office of Admission, Evaluation Department at for specific information on transferable courses.

We do not have a forgiveness policy for transfer coursework.

No, this is considered an illegal repeat. Moreover, an illegal repeat increases the number of credits you need to graduate.

Yes, we award credit through CLEP (subject exams only), AP, IB (Level H), and GCE. Minimum scores are required and are revised annually; see link below:

Effective fall 2014, AP, IB, and GCE scores must be received by the end of your first semester. No credits will be awarded after your first semester. Official scores must be sent directly to the Office of Admission: UM, Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 249117, Coral Gables, FL 33124-9117, Attn: Elizabeth Bradley. Exam scores submitted on other university or college transcripts will not be accepted.

You will see your transfer credits on CaneLink. If you have questions concerning how your transcript is evaluated, please contact the Office of Admission, Evaluation Department at or call (305) 284-4323.

After submitting your tuition enrollment deposit, you will need to schedule an advising session:

Please note that new transfer students will have advising service indicators or holds, which must be lifted by their designated advisor prior to registration. Once these advising holds are removed, the student may register for courses on CaneLink.

Effective fall 2013, University of Miami will not post your transfer G.P.A. When applying for graduate or professional school, they will require you to submit transcripts for each school attended.

First, a student’s transcript is evaluated by the Office of Admission, where transfer coursework with a “C” or higher is awarded a UM equivalency. Please note that transfer coursework that does not reflect an exact UM equivalency remains undesignated. Consequently, students will need to process a Transient / Transfer Credit Equivalency Evaluation form:

Be advised that the syllabi outlines or course descriptions are needed for our faculty advisors to evaluate transfer work that is geared for your corresponding majors or minors. Be reminded that these course descriptions can be obtained by accessing your previous institution’s online Bulletin/Catalog course listings. Most importantly, these equivalency evaluation forms need to be completed during your first semester at the University and must be returned for processing to the School of Communication Office of Undergraduate Academic Services, located in 2037 Wolfson Building.

All transfer courses with grades of “C” or higher count for graduation unless a course is remedial or physical education. If a course is not approved for your major, it will still count as an elective towards graduation.

Be advised that courses, which have been transferred to the University of Miami, will be evaluated by the Office of Admission. Students need to submit their final transcripts to the University, so their transfer courses are awarded UM equivalencies.

A final transcript will generate an updated evaluation and will be posted on CaneLink. Your academic advisor should review your total number of credits transferred to ensure that we have received an accurate transcript.

Contact the Office of International Admissions:

No, your parents / guardians will not have access to your academic file unless you list them as delegates. Please be advised that your academic file is confidential as well as protected by the FERPA guidelines.

No, your workload is between 15 to 16 credits during your first semester at the University. To ensure that you will have an easy transition to our school, your registration needs to reflect a manageable workload.

For fall 2014, upperclassmen students, e.g., 60 credits or more, they follow the general education requirements, not cognates. If you have less than 59 credits of transfer work, then you complete cognates. Please click on this link below to learn more about cognates:

Of great importance, you are responsible for three cognates: Arts & Humanities, STEM, and People & Society. Be reminded that your majors and minors also overlap with cognates. Hence, pay close attention to the Areas of Knowledge chart when browsing at the site. Lastly, see your academic advisor about completing an individualized cognate if you are in sophomore standing, i.e., 30 to 59 credits.