The School of Communication offers students 8,200 square feet of facilities featuring advanced equipment and tools for learning, creating, and achieving. In keeping with our philosophy of offering students a hands-on, early on, education rich with opportunities to produce creative and scholarly projects, the School houses resources including two fully-equipped digital television studios, control rooms, a broadcast studio with up-and-downlink capabilities, a 40' x 40' sound stage for motion picture production, and extensive computer labs and smart classrooms. Students also have access to digital editing and post-production suites that are a valued resource for producing new and interactive media.

Since technology is constantly changing, especially in the field of communication, the School regularly works on the procurement and maintenance of the latest equipment necessary for all of the fields of study taught in the School. For students to be successful professionals, they need to be thoroughly trained on current technology and equipment and have those resources at their fingertips.

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Broadcast Studios

Studio A, Studio B, Studio C, Master Control, Editing Suites

Nationally-recognized television professionals have learned their craft in our state-of-the-art broadcast center. The broadcast center houses two fully equipped digital television studios, control rooms, a broadcast up and down link studio, and a 40' X 40' sound stage for motion picture production. In addition, for broadcast students studying Meteorology, the center is equipped to deliver professional, on-air graphics with real-time data feeds and weather visualization software. As television technology advances, we look to stay ahead of the curve and continue to train tomorrow's newsmakers here at the School of Communication's Broadcasting Center.

Koenigsberg & Nadal Interactive Media Center

Home of the Orange Umbrella Consultancy

Dedicated in 2016, the Koenigsberg & Nadal Interactive Media Center is utilized in many ways by all areas of the School of Communication. Complete with state-of-the-art technology and collaborative workspaces, the IMC is home to two prominent UM organizations, is where many communication students come together to collaborate on projects, and has hosted several events. The space includes a glass-enclosed War Room for conferences and brainstorming sessions, Buzzihubs that allow for semi-private meetings, a private multimedia workroom, and DIRTT walls that allow students to “Do It Right This Time” by displaying work on walls and taking visualizing projects to the next level. For more information on the Koenigsberg & Nadal Interactive Media Center, click here.


Smart Classrooms, Auditoriums, Lecture Halls

Our spacious classrooms are equipped with various resources including dry erase boards, bulletin boards, projectors, computers, and recording materials for instruction. These classrooms are where the communicators and newsmakers of tomorrow get their start. The state-of-the-art, theater-style auditorium/classrooms include technology to facilitate student success in the field of communication. These include: three high-definition remote-controlled cameras, high-definition video projectors, and all electronic media playback capabilities. In addition, videoconferencing capabilities to connect the rooms globally and have simultaneous translation capability for multi-language activities.


Computer Labs, Digital Editing Suite, Motion Pictures Lab

The School of Communication's computer facilities in the Frances L. Wolfson building consist of four main labs used for both classroom instruction and as a resource for UM students. Equipped with dozens of new Macs, the labs are open for use to Communication students and UM students taking Communication courses. Here, lessons come alive for students studying graphic design, visual journalism, advertising, multimedia, and more. In addition, the Digital Editing Suites allow access to editing stations, post-production facilities with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Cloud, ProTools audio lab, ProTools HD mixing stations, and a Foley stage.

Cosford Cinema

200+ Seats, 4K, 35mm

The Bill Cosford Cinema is a single-screen, art-house cinema serving the University of Miami, Coral Gables, and greater Miami for more than 60 years. The venue houses a 70 square-foot screen and exhibits 35mm as well as a variety of high definition digital formats. As a non-profit art house theater, the Cosford is dedicated to distinguished film programming and supplemental, educational opportunities ranging from special lecture series, guest scholars, international film festivals, and engagements with acclaimed filmmakers including Chantal Akerman, Jon Landis, Andy Garcia, and Kevin Spacey among many more.

Equipment Room

Production Equipment, Lighting, Cameras, Audio

The School of Communication Equipment Room stores and maintains the inventory and scheduling of all SoC Production Equipment used by faculty, staff, and students as well as all SoC sponsored programs, productions, projects and SoC related courses and research involving media production. The Equipment Room has an inventory of digital video, still and audio equipment that is available to all School of Communication majors, faculty and staff. It also has inventories of “Specialized” film, video, still and audio equipment that correspond to the requirements and specific training level of particular courses in different SoC Programs.

Current Student Information

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 5:30pm

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