Vanessa Alonso, B.S.C. ’08, has made a name for herself in broadcast meteorology after being awarded the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal of Approval in February. The certificate known as the AMS CBM seal is one of the highest accolades that a broadcast meteorologist can receive in the industry from the American Meteorological Society.

The CBM is an honor that provides respected credentials, new resources and information, and a variety of career opportunities. In order to qualify for the CBM, Alonso took a written exam and was then evaluated by a panel of judges on her on-air work and broadcasts.

Alonso graduated from the University of Miami School of Communication with a Bachelor of Science, double-majoring in Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism.

“She is an incredibly hard worker and is very persistent, hence how she was able to complete both majors,” said Marilyn Gonzalez, School of Communication advisor. “Most broadcast journalists would just minor in meteorology, but what she did was not a simple task since she had to take physics and other science courses.”

In August of 2009, Alonso moved to Missouri to pursue an on-air career where she could cover a variety of seasons and weather patterns. After covering diverse weather occurrences and working for different news channels, Alonso moved to Kansas where she currently resides as a morning meteorologist for KQ2. 

“She was great and very talented at her work and all of her projects that she accomplished here at UM,” said Dr. Paul Driscoll, vice dean for academic affairs. “Vanessa was a brilliant student and is the real deal, as most who cover the weather don’t have that extensive background in science.”

Alonso now has the seal of ultimate hard work and credibility in her field to commemorate her efforts in storm tracking and covering a range of extreme weather patterns.