On November 10, the Media Management Association welcomed UM graduate Kris Martin to talk about his experience at UM and how he has dived head first into the overwhelming world of media business. Martin graduated in 2012 majoring in Finance and minoring in Music Business.  At the University of Miami, he worked with Hurricane Productions, booking such homecoming concerts as Whiz Khalifa and Diplo.
Martin chronicled his experience with various internships through college.  He offered MMA members advice on how to apply, follow up, and eventually secure a position.  “Network through friends and people they trust; tag along even if your friend doesn’t want you to.  Pay for the lunch even though you don’t want to… I was persistent…” he emphasized. “That’s what set me apart.”  He described success at major companies like Def Jam as well as failures, like the first time he was fired. Through balancing business classes at UM and expressing his creative side through projects like his media start up company, Martin stressed the importance of blending desirable traits in order to set oneself apart from others while looking for jobs in the entertainment industry.
Currently, Martin works as a LiveNation booking manager in Miami. The position entails handling all talent performing at clubs and theaters in Florida.  His main venue that he books for is the very popular Fillmore club in Miami Beach. He works with budgets, discovers new and upcoming talent, and establishes relationships with various professionals in the media business.
Martin also speculated on future goals and aspirations as he is always trying to be one step ahead and stay innovative.  After his presentation, the group engaged in a lengthy and intimate series of questions and answers.