Sallie Hughes

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Dr. Hughes holds a joint appointment in Journalism and Latin American Studies. She received her Ph.D. in Latin American Studies from Tulane University with a specialization in the politics and media of the region following a career in domestic U.S. and international journalism. 

As a political communication researcher, she is especially interested in understanding the relationship between effective democracy, the mass media, and the practice of journalism in Latin America, as well as new democracies elsewhere. She teaches courses on comparative media systems, media and globalization, qualitative media analysis, media and democracy in Latin America, international journalism, and the Introduction to Latin American Studies core undergraduate seminar.

Dr. Hughes is the author of eight peer-reviewed academic articles on the media and democracy in Latin America and numerous chapters in edited books and textbooks, as well as the sole-authored book Newsrooms in Conflict: Journalism and the Democratization of Mexico (Pittsburgh: Latin America Series, University of Pittsburgh Press), with the updated Spanish edition – Redacciones en conflicto: Periodismo y democratización en México - appearing in 2009 from the University of Guadalajara and M.A. Porrua Publishers.

Her current interests involve comparative media policymaking in Latin America and Diaspora media and transnational audiences in Miami. For the later work, she is co-author on the book Multi-Ethnic Miami (Lynne Reinner, forthcoming) with Drs. Elizabeth Aranda and Elena Sabogal, as well as the co-author of a study on Haitian Media and Audiences in Miami with School of Communication Professors Yves Colon and Tsitsi Wakhisi, which is funded by the McCormick Foundation and due to be published in the fall of 2009.

In addition to her academic work, Hughes has written about media and policy for the Inter-American Development Bank and participated in the Freedom House annual global survey of press freedom since 2005. She also is a member of the international advisory committee of the non-partisan Mexican media observatory Ciudadanos en medios.

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