Student Awards

  • By Lizzie Wilcox

    University of Miami’s debate team is comprised of veteran, novice and humble debaters. Regardless of how many years of experience under their belts, Hurricane debaters won awards across the board at the American Debate Association National tournament March 13-16 at the University of Georgia.

  • University of Miami publications received two Gold Crowns and nine Apple Awards at the College Media Association Conference in New York City held March 11-14, 2015. The Crowns are honors given by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and are the highest award a publication can earn from CSPA. Apple Awards, given in honor of David L. Adams, are a Best in Show award given each year at the CMA Spring Conference in New York City.

  • Mailers, apps and marketing campaigns characterized by their innovation led to School of Communication students taking home six gold and eight silver local ADDY awards. Students used skills learned in the classroom to take on corporate clients by creating campaigns for Mary Kay, Maker’s Mark and Johnnie Walker. They also tackled global and social problems, ingeniously addressing the issues of cyber bullying, Ebola and childhood obesity.

  • By Lizzie Wilcox

    Two high school outcasts stumble across a cannibalistic alien and find themselves caught up in a big government conspiracy. No, this is not breaking news; it is Megan Rico’s screenplay that won her the Michael Collyer Memorial Fellowship in Screenwriting.

  • The University of Miami Debate Team began its year as we did last year, by winning the Novice Division Championship of the Intercollegiate Debate Tournament at Georgia State University, held September 20-22 in Atlanta.  UM entered four two-person teams in the policy debate tournament, held under the auspices of the American Debate Association, the Cross Examination Debate Association, and the National Debate Tournament.  Competition was divided into Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Novice Divisio

  • By Nancy Molina, Graduate Student

    Collaborating with the Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Public Health Sciences, student game developers in the School of Communication have created Zoo Rush, an award-winning adventure game that aims to increase awareness about sickle cell disease and reduce the stigma often associated with the painful inherited blood disorder that slows blood flow.

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