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Advertising Creative Strategy and Execution

Development of effective creative campaigns. Students will design advertisement s for print, broadcast, interactive, and specialty media that meet specific campaign objectives.

Advertising Internship

Students select an internship in the field of advertising for on-the-job training. The student will work a minimum of 45 hours per credit. No more than three (3) credits of internship may be completed in any given semester.

Advertising Management

Students will learn to approach advertising problems at both micro and macro le vels from the perspective of a manager in charge of solving such problems. Emp hasis will be on problem identification, development of alternative strategies to solve problems, tactics for executing strategies, and evaluation of proposed solutions.

Advertising Strategy Development

Introduction to the development of effective advertising strategies. Topics in clude consumer behavior, attitude development, persuasion tactics, targeting, m arket segmentation, market analysis, and brand management.

Argumentation and Critical Thinking

Argumentation theory and practice are discussed. Rhetorical and philosophical foundations of argumentation and their application in various settings including academic debate are also covered

Art Direction

Students will learn art direction skills for both print and electronic media in cluding newspapers, magazines, outdoor, television, radio, and the internet.

Aspects of Contemporary Cinema

Study of contemporary movements in American and world cinemas.

Aspects of Screenwriting

Advanced examination of one or more aspects of screenwriting from rewrites to adaptations, to character development, and related issues.

Broadcast Journalism

Preparation of materials for presentation through the broadcast/cable media with emphasis on news writing for oral presentation by studio anchors and field reporters. Course examines issues facing the profession of broadcast journalism, radio, and TV reporting techniques and news program formats.

Business Communication

Study and practice in the major forms of spoken and written communication in the context of businesses and other professional organizational settings.

Business of Motion Pictures

An examination of the industry's three part structure-production, distribution and exhibition. Consideration given to intellectual property, motion picture "creative accounting" and changes affected by new technologies. Surveys both studio films and independents.

Business Reporting

A study of the major types and styles of business news and feature stories with emphasis on understanding business culture, values, and terminology.

Capstone for Communication Studies

Capstone course designed for communication studies majors. Provides students with the opportunity to apply knowledge of communication theory and research skills through development of capstone project.

Capstone for Engaged Communication Studies

Capstone course designed for communication studies majors. Provides students opportunities to apply knowledge of communication theory and associated research skills through their personal engagement in community or organizational service and action research.


An overview of the cinematographer's process from script to screen. Working with camera, lighting, and grip equipment on exercises and projects is discussed.

Communication in Society

Theories of the development, interdependence, and societal influence of mass media. Prerequisite: 12 college credits, passing score on English-language skills test, typing proficiency of 25 w.p.m.

Communication Law and Policy

A study of First Amendment law and theories concerning libel, privacy, copyright, advertising, corporate communications, reporter privilege, free-press/fair trial, pornography, access to government information, broadcasting and new communication technologies. Discussion of international perspectives on media regulation.

Communication Studies Internship

Prescribed study and supervised work with practitioners in organizations.

Communication Studies Internship

Prescribed study and supervised work with practitioners in organizations.

Communication Theory

Survey of basic communication theories and models. Study of processes, functions, levels, and general principles of human communication.
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