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Alumnus Noah Debonis is in #Colombia working on a #documentary #film about #FARC reintegration and the #Colombian #peace process. Read about his experience below. I was invited to film a #protest held by supporters of the 'NO' campaign who oppose the points in the current peace treaty and are pushing for renegotiation with FARC. I was able to film the protest, as well as embed myself on the traveling caravan that wound its way through #Medellin. I also was able to record several sit down and on-the-fly interviews with #politicians, including an ex-senator and one of the heads of the 'NO' campaign, Juan Carlos Velez. Perhaps most excitingly, I was able to film a speech a few feet away from ex-Colombian #president Uribe.
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Friday, September 16, 2016 - 1:09pm
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